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Themes in Einstein Year

On this section of the site, we will be concentrating on providing information, activities and resources based around different areas in physics. The current theme is physics in medicine. Follow the links to find out more. 

Current theme

  • Energy - see a bug battery, build your own roller coaster and fire a human cannonball across a canyon.

Previous themes

  • Medicine - find out how physics is used to look inside your body, and play some fantastic games.
  • Future - see what the future may hold for you, have a conversation with a computer and help astromoners make predictions with Moon Watch.
  • Sport - discover the physics behind kung fu.
  • Music - Einstein Year goes to Glastonbury, and the Heavenly Music workshop.
  • Time - click here to find out fascinating facts about time, and read about our competition winner.
  • The Arts - information about Constant Speed, a dance about physics, science photography and more.
  • Weather - make your own tornado, and find out about weather.
  • Space - try designing a lander and find out more about the Cassini-Huygens space probe.