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Einstein Year - a year celebrating physics - Einstein Year 2005

Einstein Year 2005

Explore, Discover, Invent - Physics


The end of 2005 may mean the end of Einstein Year but it doesn’t mean the end of physics. At the Institute of Physics we are continuing with our outreach programme in 2006 and you can continue to access new fun physics activities at  In addition, a new grant scheme will be launched in early 2006 to support local physics activities.

This website will no longer be updated, but it will stay live so you can continue to use the resources we’ve built up over the year including the Physics to Go pack, the games and all the different themes.

Thank you to everyone who got involved during Einstein Year and shared their passion for physics.  Take a look at Einstein Year in Pictures for some of the year’s highlights.
See if you can fight off the aliens to save your twin brother in Time Twins, the Einstein Year computer game. Make sure you have the sound turned on - that's the best bit - and don't forget to email the link to your friends! 
Now you can also download the teddy screensaver too! Keep your PC alien free while you're at lunch... (1MB download)
Teddy character from Einstein Year game
World Year of Physics Logo

When he was just 26, Albert Einstein published three papers that changed the way we see the universe. Find out more about his awesome ideas...  Einstein Year is the UK & Ireland's celebration of the 100th anniversary of the papers and is a whole year of activities that will get you fired up about physics.  Einstein Year is part of World Year of Physics

last updated 3 January 2006