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Einstein Year - a year celebrating physics - Games, downloads etc...
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Games, downloads etc...

This is where the fun begins!

Looking for something to do that's not homework? How about...

Try the Einstein Year game, TIME TWINS: Aliens have stolen your time machine. Can you fight them off, collect all the pieces of your time machine to put it back together again, so you can save your twin brother? (This game requires Flash.). Now you can download the teddy screensaver too! Keep your PC alien free while you're at lunch... (1MB download)

Music: Listen to DJ Vader's track Einstein (not enough time) (2.4MB MP3 file). Vader mixed the tune after seeing a quote from Einstein in a greetings card in a music shop! This track has been used as the music on the Time Twins game. Download more at To play the file, you may need Real Player (works for PC or Mac).
teddy character from Einstein Year game with laser gun

Game of the month: This month, it's December Shakedown.

Shake it up and then catch a snowflake to reveal a science activity. There's one for every day in December so you may never get bored over the festive season. Try it - December Shakedown from Planet Science.

Previous months' games: Spaced Penguin, Life, NucleusLaser Challenge Game, Swim For It!

System requirements: You'll need Macromedia Flash Player to play the games! 


Animations: Find out what happened when two superheroes raced round the world or what happened when Aunt Sally came to stay with two fantastic Animated Einstein films made for the Einstein on the Big Screen film weekend.

Take an interactive journey through special relativity with the award winning website from Einstein Year, The Great Relativity Show.

Discover how things work in a car factory or playground in Physics Life, an interactive cartoon street. Can you find the fizzy drinks can, the DVD player and the skateboard? 

Explore The Physics Evolution to find out about key physics characters, their stories and how they influenced each other.

Einstein explained: ABC has made a page all about finding out more about Einstein's ideas. Check out the interactive game on the nature of light, and test your knowledge in the Physics Quiz.