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Einstein Year - a year celebrating physics - Facts
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Facts about Einstein

Einstein Year marks the centenary of the three papers that Einstein published in 1905, but what were they and why were they so important?

Brownian motion - a microscopic game of football

Photoelectric effect - is light a wave or a particle? This theory says it's a particle - and won Einstein his Nobel Prize!

Special relativity - how clocks can run slow, and objects can shrink and gain mass at the same time

Einstein is an icon. Almost everyone can pick him out in an identity parade - but the image that we have of him is as an old man with mad hair. It's easy to forget that Einstein was just 26 in 1905.

To find out about him, see the short biography of Einstein or read the more detailed timeline, which includes information on his life, the times in which he lived, and his greatest achievements.

The British Library has released a CD containing clips from talks and lectures given by Einstein. We have two clips here to listen to - you'll need Real Player to download them:

Einstein talks about the nature of science in the light of the war in Europe, which the United States had not yet joined. (1MB)

Following the first deployment of the atomic bomb earlier in the year, Einstein justifies the role of scientists in fighting the Second World War. (1MB)

The CD is published by the British Library and on sale for £9.95 through the British Library Bookshop [tel: 020 7412 7735], through UK bookshops, or through the British Library online shop.

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