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Einstein Year - a year celebrating physics - Rapper says E=mc2 = True love
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Rapper says E=mc2 = True love

East London rap DJ Vader turns Einstein's theory of special relativity into a love song - Einstein (not enough time).

Einstein loved music and dreamt up the theory of relativity.

But even he might have struggled to imagine his iconic e=mc2 formula being turned into a love song - Einstein (not enough time) - by an East London rapper.

Rap DJ Vader, aka John Vader, is not the most likely advocate of Einstein.

The 22-year-old, who hails from Tower Hamlets, London – home of Mercury prize-winning DJ Dizzee Rascal - did not think much of physics at school and spent most his time playing truant – something he now regrets.

Now his record has been adopted by scientists from the Institute of Physics (IoP) who stumbled across it by chance while trawling the Internet.

They are using it to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of e=mc2 – probably the most famous scientific equation of all time - next year (2005).

They hope the trendy incarnation of the iconic equation will help make physics more interesting to young people.

Caitlin Watson, of the IoP, said: ‘Next year is Einstein Year so I was looking on the web for songs that have been written about him to help make the topic more accessible.

‘We came across DJ Vader’s track and thought it was brilliant – really fresh and different.  We are making a computer game for Einstein Year and this track will feature on it.

We want kids to realise that physics is all around us; when they do tricks on   skateboards or bikes, its physics at work.  Einstein Year gives us the chance to use examples like this to bring physics to people who wouldn’t otherwise think about it –Vader’s track could be a real help.'

Vader was inspired to ‘mix’ the tune after spotting a quote from Einstein on a greeting card in a record shop last month.

The quote from the physicist reads: ‘When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute – and it’s longer than any hour. That’s relativity.’

Like most of his rap songs, Vader released ‘Einstein (not enough time)’ through his website .

It was here that scientists from the IoP came across it. They contacted the DJ and asked if they could use his track to help take ‘mass’ to the masses.
Vader, who teaches teenagers with behavioural problems in Bow, East London, was delighted: ‘I didn’t really pick up on this at school. ‘But stuff like light speed and time travelling are pretty cool.

‘If my music helps get kids interested in learning then that makes me happy. I was naughty when I was at school – I was suspended 15 times and expelled once – but that is a bad waste of education.

‘Then there is the mc part of the equation – I like that ‘cause I am an mc myself at the end of the day.

‘I was just in the record shop one afternoon and spotted this card with a picture of Einstein on it with him talking about time going faster when you’re with a girl.

‘I thought yeah I like that and I jumped on the idea – my song is about a boy who wants more time with his girl. The boy wants to travel at the speed of light – ‘cause that’s when time freezes - so he can spend more time with his girl.'


1. Photographs and further interviews with DJ Vader / The Institute of Physics available upon request.

Call Kate Sherry at mission21 on 0208 392 5714 / 07971 016340

1. Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in Ulm, Wurttemberg, Germany and died in 18th April 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.
2. He was a keen music lover, favouring Mozart and Bach
3. Einstein did so badly at school his teachers told his parents to take him out because he was "too stupid to learn" and it would be a waste of resources for the school to invest time and energy in his education. The school suggested that his parents get Albert an easy, manual labor job as soon as they could.
4. Instead his mother bought him a violin. Einstein became an accomplished violinist.
5. Einstein later attributed his intellect to playing the violin and even figured out his problems and equations by improvising on the violin, saying: ‘If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.’

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